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Edgewater Consulting offers classic management
consulting services to drive transformational change

​Customer Relationship Management (CRM)​


Successful customer relationship management (CRM) implementations require a clear, strategic vision and commitment to making it work. In addition, there needs to be a comprehensive blueprint of the future state and a roadmap to guide enterprise CRM implementation success, what we call "Customer 360," a complete understanding of your interactions with your customers.  

CRM workflow and business processes are fundamental to providing a Customer 360 view, leading to measurable results and a strategic advantage. It is critical that businesses leverage CRM consulting experts with the experience to optimizing business processes to reduce operational costs, improve customer service, expand employee and customer value, and grow the organization. 

Edgewater Consulting's CRM Success Dial

Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Edgewater has been a Microsoft Gold partner for over ten years and has extensive CRM consulting experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Edgewater Fullscope. Through the XRM development platform, CRM workflows and third party solutions, Edgewater Consulting can extend the power of Dynamics CRM to support your unique needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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