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It’s the process, not the product. 

“Digital Transformation” is a funny way of saying, “It’s time to transform how your company operates.” Digital transformation means something different to every analyst and expert, but in every definition, it’s about unshackling business from ​​location and time constraints. This can only be done efficiently by properly leveraging the Cloud.

Have you considered the whole problem? 

Look before you leap. Step back and consider how the Cloud:

  • Opens up new revenue opportunities,
  • Offers new ways to think about facilities, staffing, business processes,
  • Can facilitate your software replacement cycle,
  • Enables you to scale your IT costs to your business growth​​.

Make the case for growth.

Cloud options for your digital transformation abound, but what you decide to do, how you go about it, and when you do it can significantly impact your bottom line; or, it can compromise security and leave money on the table.

Edgewater’s Transformation Strategy is the first step for any company on their journey to the Cloud. We start with your business strategy and help you envision the transformative possibilities of cloud solutions. Then we evaluate your current IT environment, your business processes, your IT skillset, and your software/hardware contracts. We will present the pros and cons of the options, their upfront and ongoing costs and help you make an informed decision. Finally, we'll build a transition plan that provides the most efficient path to the digital future.

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