​Edgewater Consulting and Informatica


Informatica Corporation provides enterprise data integration software and services to more than 2,600 companies worldwide, allowing for greater business value by integrating all their information assets from across the enterprise.

With Informatica, companies can reduce the cost and expedite the time to address data integration needs of any complexity and scale. Edgewater and Informatica jointly deliver strategic insight and expertise along with end-to-end data integration solutions that enable customers to access, integrate, and consolidate critical data across their organizations while gaining greater business value from their information assets.

Edgewater and Informatica are uniquely suited to provide customers the technology and expertise to improve business processes through data consistency across the enterprise. This partnership enables both organizations to leverage the other’s strengths in delivering and supporting integrated solutions that address data fragmentation across disparate systems. In addition, the partnership strengthens Edgewater’s ability to maximize the value of an organization’s corporate data.

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