​​Cust​omer Intelligence

Similar to the way business data evolved from simple reporting into Business Intelligence (BI), as customer data gets more complex and varied, putting everything together and drawing conclusions and trends from it will need to employ similar methods and tools. This is primarily a mindset change from the somewhat passive “analytics” to the broader and much more active role of managing and providing customer intelligence.

Edgewater Consulting will help your organization aggregate all of your customer interactions to develop KPIs and reports that allow you to respond quickly to change.

On an individual level, we aggregate customer data and interactions from different channels, to dramatically improve segmentation, insight for sales and customer service professionals interacting with the customer, and services that can target offers or content in real time based on user past interest and behavior.

By looking at customer activity across all channels your organization can:

  • Optimize targeting through the different channels and our investment in them

  • Improve recommendations

  • Identify trends

  • Identify new product/business opportunities

  • Identify problems / issues / sentiment changes and address them quickly