​Data Services

Get the most out of your data

In order to fully exploit the data of the organization, the data must be integrated, trusted, secure and available.  Most organizations currently capture and store a great deal of data. Unfortunately, most:

  • Suffer from "information overload"

  • Have data that is unsecure and/or of poor quality due to governance issues

  • Have data that is stale and/or not actionable when delivered

  • Store their data in silos – leaving no way to "Google" the enterprise

To truly have a world class information environment, organizations must:

  • Ensure that your current data is clean and of high quality

  • Provide continuous availability of secure up to date information

  • Establish a governance function to manage and provide oversight

  • Provide a single source of integrated data for enterprise reporting and analysis

  • Optimize enterprise wide reporting and analysis capabilities

  • Increase collaboration on daily activities

  • Deploy advanced analytics to provide scenario/simulation planning and other predictive capabilities

So how do organizations overcome these challenges?  Edgewater has a proven and tested approach to transform data into strategic information through our Data Services offerings.  While many consulting firms focus on the technology as the core component to this evolution, Edgewater believes that it is the balance of Organization, Process/Best Practices and Enabling Technology that provides the best avenue to success.


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