Data Architecture

A robust, scalable and extensible data architecture that supports the required capabilities of the organization is the foundation to any centralized data environment. It is the vehicle that delivers trusted data to business users. It provides the "blueprint" for the centralized data environment.

Edgewater Consulting's reference data architecture provides guidance in all aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence.  It is based on the combined years of experience of our consultants in designing and implementing data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.

Edgewater offers a comprehensive set of data architecture services including:

Data Architecture Assessment

Review and provide recommendations regarding existing data architecture and their ability to support current and anticipated long-term needs of the organization..

Data Architecture Strategy and Roadmap

Establish a clear understanding of the end state architecture and the path to get there ensures that the resources expended are well used and continually focused on the end goal.

Advisory/Implementation Services

Often, an organization requires expertise in an area that they don't currently have in-house. Edgewater's data architecture consultants can act in an advisory/mentoring capacity, as well as dive into the intricate details for logical and physical data architecture design and implementation.


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