​Data Governance

Enterprises today need to view data as a valuable asset that can:

  • Provide a competitive advantage and support growth

  • Act as an enabler for improvement

  • Foster communication and collaboration

  • Increase consistency & confidence in decision making

These can be achieved through the establishment of a successful Data Governance program.

Data Governance consists of the organization, processes and enabling technologies that manage how the organization's data is defined, controlled, utilized, and accessed in an effective manner. The goal of Data Governance is to ensure the highest quality, highest value data assets obtained from all relevant and appropriate sources are available to all data consumers who need access with all necessary and appropriate controls.

The implementation of a Data Governance program can be daunting to any organization. Edgewater believes the most practical approach to implementing Data Governance is through the incremental delivery of capabilities towards a defined target state. The initial phases focus on establishing the critical organization, process and technical capabilities which will act as the foundation for all future activities. 

Edgewater can assist regardless of where you are on your Data Governance journey:

  • Data Governance Assessment and Gap Analysis

  • Requirements and Prioritization

  • Roadmap Development

  • Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) Services

  • Assistance with organizational design and roles definition

  • Ongoing guidance and participation as trusted advisor to your Data Governance Program

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