​​​Enterprise Data Strategy

​Enterprise data strategy provides an actionable, incremental roadmap for leveraging corporate data assets and converting them into new insights that ultimately impact revenue. A well-executed strategy provides an education for stakeholders and builds consensus among disparate organizations across the enterprise. It coalesces and prioritizes goals and objectives, drafts a future state architectural blueprint and describes business processes that will endure, and establishes a long term roadmap that orchestrates incremental efforts and illustrates progress.

Organizations that recognize the need for enterprise data strategy quickly realize the challenges of successful execution lie within the People that work with data, the business Processes they adhere to today, and the Technologies that support those activities and processes. Evaluating each of these challenges in a methodical way, and aligning the inherent needs of each within an ideal future state vision is critical.

Edgewater’s strategy methodology provides for a comprehensive current state assessment, illustrations of a future state vision, and an implementation roadmap with details that enable strategic and tactical projects to be planned and executed with confidence.

A list of potential benefits a company can attain from a well-executed data strategy may include:

  • Empower visionaries with visibility to key performance indicators that drive revenue or lower costs

  • Understand existing customer base, which products they own, and methods for marketing additional products

  • Plan for information platforms that readily scale and integrate to meet the demands of company growth through acquisition

  • Leverage the most cost effective software and hardware technologies based on future state needs

  • Attain an understanding of the systemic data quality issues that exist in the information

  • An architectural blueprint that illustrates an ideal 18-month business intelligence future state

  • Provide visibility for all organizations in the company to a roadmap that schedules planned projects and the incremental delivery of new business insights