​Assessme​nt & Strategy

Are you managing change, or is it managing you?​

The flexibility to respond proactively to market changes is critical to the success of any company. Although many organizations are aggressive and competent at identifying market opportunities and developing strategies to exploit them, they often fall down implementing those plans. We have all experienced unforeseen problems that forced critical projects to overrun their schedules and budgets. At worst, a major enterprise change could have even been derailed.

Edgewater Consulting helps companies devise strategies and tactics to mitigate the potential negative effects of change before they happen. Our well-defined processes provide a structured method and an experience hand to help determine:

  • The goals, drivers, and constraints of the change
  • The metrics for success
  • Who is driving this change and who is it intended to benefit
  • Who or what is affected by this change, how they are impacted and what can be done to mitigate the impact​