​​​​​Process and Organizational Assessment

When a successful strategy pays off, keeping everything moving forward in alignment is the biggest challenge. 

Based on years of experience working with highly successful companies, Edgewater Consulting has developed five keys to sustaining an organization's success:

1. ​Work smarter, not harder
Review business processes and look for ways to eliminate tasks that don’t add significant value

2. Great tools are always a good investment
An organization can’t sustain itself with yellow pads and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

3. Keep an eye on profits while focusing on growth
A company must sustain sales momentum, but eliminate waste, manage profit margins, and get maximum value out of marketing efforts, all while keeping an eye on cost of goods sold.

4. Bureaucracy strangles growth
Use effective collaboration tools to cut the middlemen out of business processes.

5. Choose meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Less is more–they aren’t key performance indicators if there is a list of 20 KPIs for one area of the business.​