​​​​​Digital Transformation

According to an MIT Sloan Management Review article The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation, “digital transformation (is) the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises.” This is an interesting, thoughtful article that defines digital transformation very clearly and the closing sentence is critical:

“Focus is important; no company we studied is transforming all nine areas at once. But the best-managed firms are constantly identifying new ways to redefine the way they work in the new digital era.”

How do you decide where to focus?

Every organization is starting from a different point, and sees the end game differently. The MIT article lists Customer Experience as the first order of business, but that may not be the best start for your company. In fact, the common element to most digital transformation is the consideration of the right application of Cloud to your infrastructure.

In order to find your focus, you must:

  • Understand the Possibilities

    Engage your leadership team in deep discussions about the many ways Cloud solutions can fundamentally transform your business.

  • Establish a Baseline

    Evaluate current operations inside and out to create operational benchmarks, identify risks, and understand priorities.

  • Build a Map

    Consider ALL potential solutions, matching needs, investments, and processes to options evaluated on 3/5/7 year horizons. Address high risk areas first, get the most value out of current investments, and build an actionable path to your digital future

Edgewater’s Transformation Strategy offering helps you build the roadmap to your digital future. Our consultants will walk you through a thoughtful, holistic process that helps you prioritize your plan and create the most efficient path possible.