​​​​​​​Is it time to rethink your IT Governance model?​

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Pick Three Fixed Fee allows you to choose three IT Governance focus areas from a list of twelve that Edgewater consultants have identified as most critical to better aligning IT strategy with business strategy. Our approach is simple: Pick three IT Governance focus areas and we deliver a process, technology and organizational change management action plan to help you transform those IT governance areas so that they better serve your business needs.

We can do this because since 1992, Edgewater has helped our clients transform the way they do business through classic consulting, industry specific, and business intelligence expertise. We leverage this experience to help you focus on the process and technology improvements that can provide the most immediate improvements in your IT governance.

How Pick Three Works

These focus areas were identified by Edgewater consultants as those our clients have found most problematic within their IT Governance model. Choose the three that will have the most impact on your organization and we will define your action plan for a fixed fee.

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