​​​Business Process Transformation

​Business processes are at the core of every high performance organization. They can provide measurable results and strategic advantage.  It is critical that businesses concentrate on business process improvement to reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, expand employee and customer value, and transform the business. 

Edgewater Consulting has worked with successful companies that were shocked to discover the net dollar impact of tens of thousands of hours of lost productivity.

Our experienced business analysts can guide you through the discovery process. We start by identifying the stakeholders and their process interactions, documenting the current workflows, and identifying issues or bottlenecks in your current processes. Our analysts will then facilitate brainstorming process improvements, make recommendations, help define optimized business processes, and articulate the benefits that could be realized by the organization if the new processes were implemented.​ With an agreed upon vision for new processes, we can lead your change management effort to help minimize business disruption.