​​Infrastructure Improvement

Corporate infrastructures have been turned upside down in recent years, ​as Cloud services have matured enough to handle enterprise-level applications. But moving everything to the Cloud is not the answer. Cloud Services may actually cost you more than hosting onsite and deliver less. In addition, data security of Cloud based applications remains a question.

IT executives are tasked with controlling costs of software licensing, hardware investment and application support while protecting critical data and business processes. It and infrastructure roadmaps must support current business initiatives with an eye toward future opportunities and disrupters.

Edgewater Consulting provides a breadth of services to support your IT organizations need to improve infrastructure in a strategic cost effective way. Our management and industry consultants drive a roadmapping process that our infrastructure team can execute, on time and on budget. By taking advantage of these offerings, customers are ensured their technical infrastructure properly supports current business requirements and their technical capabilities are aligned with their business goals. This provides management the ability to concentrate on their core competencies, while they can be assured that their technical environment is secure, reliable, scalable and readily maintained.