Web Strategy​​​ & Implementation

Empowering Digital Transformations

Edgewater Consulting's approach to web strategy and web design is to understand as much as possible about the business of the company, its culture, business drivers, and customer needs, and apply industry best practices to create a web presence that will leapfrog the competition.

Web Strategy defines how organizations leverage the web and associated digital technologies to deliver on business, marketing and technical objectives as defined in business and technical roadmaps. A well thought out web strategy can create a robust framework for growth in years to come both technically and from a brand and service perspective.

To define a co​mprehensive web strategy for your company, Edgewater Consulting considers all web properties:

  • Existing websites and systems (CMS, search, newsletters, databases)
  • eCommerce
  • eMarketing (acquisition, retention, email, search [SEO/SEM], online advertising, affiliations)
  • User experience and engagement
    • ​Social media
    • Customer loyalty programs
    • Mobile
  • Analytics and reporting

  • Portals and methods for engaging with extended enterprise​