​​Social Media

Addressing your "social status" across your enterprise

Many companies established a social presence over the past few years not understanding the strategic use of these venues – they see social platforms like Facebook and Twitter as necessary to appear current, and as "free" push marketing vehicles. These properties are often forgotten or untended as result.

In addition, there has been a recent surge in use of social marketing tools like Yammer within organizations. Although valuable in supporting collaboration and communication in an extended enterprise, because of their organic growth they are often outside of corporate control – nobody in your organization probably knows all of the tools that are being used, how they are being used/what information is being shared, and who's using them.

​Burying your head in the sand will not make social go away.  Customers and employees now expect quick and effective response to issues raised via social media, and companies that are not gearing up to meet these expectations will be left far behind. Edgewater can work with you audit your social media presence, define a social media strategy, put tools and resources in place to help you deliver the strategy and measure your success.