​Edgewater Ranzal Healthcare Solutions

To succeed in the changing landscape of healthcare and payment reform, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other integrated health systems must bring together key quality, outcomes, claims, revenue and cost data from multiple participating entities – and they must make these data available for use by clinical, operational and financial leadership across the extended enterprise.

Edgewater Ranzal Healthcare delivers end-to-end data integration solutions and services, and provides focused analytics applications that deliver actionable information to drive the ultimate goal - high quality, high value, collaborative care for patients:

  1. Financials: From Financial Close to Enterprise Financial Planning/Reporting and Decision Support, the key is analytics that provide the insight you need to ensure your services are remaining fiscally healthy. Our Edgewater Ranzal expert team offers all core strategy and implementation services with deep and diverse experience leveraging Oracle EPM and BI technologies.
  • Accountable Care: Healthcare organizations participating in ACOs and similar risk-based programs need diverse and timely data from many different collaborating entities to support population health analytics, resource utilization and operational effectiveness strategies and improvement programs. With Edgewater's Accountable Care Analytics application and integrated data architecture, both emerging and established care delivery organizations can implement analytic s using a staged, incremental approach, enabling valuable shared insights and decision-making to develop further as the broader work of enterprise-wide data and systems integration is being pursued.

  • Productivity: Core elements of both health enterprise strategy and day-today operational performance are critically dependent on the optimal deployment of care delivery and supporting resources, coordinated across all care settings. Edgewater Ranzal utilizes the power of the Oracle platform to deliver robust and actionable analytics to drive optimal performance and utilization for your staff. It is critical to have a flexible and manageable solution for system administrators, transparency to the operational user, and executives with the action plan items they desire. Our goal is to foster proactive behavior to improve efficiency through better analytics .