EDGE Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, EDGE Sales Force Automation (SFA) automates and streamlines formerly manual, inefficient processes. EDGW SFA helps manufacturers improve management of sales projects; increase visibility into company, industry and market performance; and provide insight for better territory alignment and lead assignments.

Streamline Processes to Help Enhance Productivity

The CRM projects platform enables the sales team to be more productive by quickly responding to new opportunities, which helps improve customer satisfaction, and provides visibility into any stage of an order, from lead to close, to monitor direct and indirect channel performance.

View Real-time Dashboards to Monitor Company Performance

EDGE SFA delivers seamless reporting to senior management and eliminates labor-intensive, manually-compiled data, freeing resources to spend more time analyzing data for trends and focus on under performing areas of the business.

Adjust Sales Territories as Market Conditions Change

EDGE SFA can painlessly and efficiently realign territories, remove the burden of manually assigning all rules and accounts by and let sales managers concentrate on fine-tuning alignments rather than creating them.

Make Real-time Lead Assignments

EDGE SFA provides real-time, automated lead assignments to ensure that the sales team is notified of new opportunities for quick response.