​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Achieving Accountable Care

Pursuing a Staged Implementation - Success Factors at Each Stage

Healthcare organizations that are preparing to undertake the journey to becoming or instituting an accountable care organization or program of one form or another (e.g., ACO, AQC, shared savings, bundled payment, ACA, etc.) will need to anticipate a series of stages progressing from their present state of operation to a future end-state as a fully functioning and highly coordinated care delivery enterprise.

Each successive stage builds on preceding stages in terms of service definition, collaborative and coordinated execution, information exchange, shared responsibilities and realized benefits. Each participating entity must expand its perspective to consider the effective and optimal operation of the entire extended enterprise, as well as the focused and efficient execution of each individual unit.

The following diagram outlines several key elements in the pursuit and attainment of this strategy. Learn more about each stage by clicking on the title.