​​Insurance Practice

​Our Insurance Consulting Experts

Edgewater Insurance Consulting focuses on meeting the diverse needs of our clients by providing strategic solutions to wide-ranging organizational challenges. We help insurance organizations overcome system constraints and exceed the demands of their agents and clients through our insurance industry business advisory, data management and technology expertise. Given the mixed and often outdated infrastructures in place, and the emergence of new, modular insurance administration applications, no two solutions will ever be the same.

Every organization can gain a real competitive advantage when working to a bespoke and well thought out strategic roadmap; one that blends organization desires, business goals, technology and vendor landscape with proven implementation expertise and industry excellence.

Today’s Insurance firms create business process upon process to work around the limitations of their enterprise – it is time to take the process back and reengineer the way you do your work, smarter and more efficient processing coupled with a roadmap for enterprise success – the winning solution for all carriers.