​​Insurance Services in the Cloud

​Insurance is partly cloudy

The major question is "Where to start?" Too often we are all too keen to embark on insurance projects without the correct planning and thought process. Now that Cloud services are viable alternatives for some insurance applications and business processes, " where to start is even more confusing than ever.

Or is it?

The maturity of the Cloud could give insurance carriers a real IT rationalization starting point for enterprise-wide systems integration and modernization initiatives that have been too expensive and time consuming to even consider in the past. Even Policy Administration has now been proven in the cloud with tremendous time, cost and labor savings.

Edgewater Insurance Consulting can help you take advantage of the ​Cloud by helping you:

  • Develop strategic IT rationalization roadmaps to guide future-state Cloud initiatives

  • Align Cloud strategy with business needs and constraints

  • Implement Cloud solutions that transform your business

  • Strike a balance of on-premise and Cloud to build a hybrid approach that meets the unique needs of your business services

  • Integrate people, process, and technology to reduce costs, improve processes, and increase revenues

  • Setup IT governance processes that enable efficient future IT spending and provide appropriate service levels to the business ​