Enterprise Roadmap

​Forsee an effective strategy

​All too often Insurance firms look at their business and technical project lists for the year, weigh that against the budget and set the direction without understanding exactly where they are heading or how their decision this year could affect the years to come. Direction is never set, just a random set of plotted points on map.

This lack of foresight reduces the potential for an effective strategy that takes into account changing business, financial, political and technical landscapes in the insurance industry and fails to capitalize on a single vision. In response to this approach Edgewater has created an Enterprise Roadmap offering that looks at “Strategy First” and helps our clients realize the benefit of a plan that takes into account where they are going for the next three to five years, changing external factors and not just this years budget – we plot the course and it has a destination.

A fully integrated Enterprise Roadmap includes key elements such as:

  • Organizational/Enterprise assessment and strategic considerations

  • Business capabilities, planned projects and projected needs

  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment

  • Underlying technology and supporting architecture and integration plan​