​​​Policy Administration System (PAS) Integration

A new strategic Policy Administration System (PAS) is a major investment for insurance firms of all sizes. Defining a key set of best practices for the selection, planning, integration, implementation and conversion is critical to it's success and should not be underestimated.

  • There are a number of key questions that need to be answered before starting down this road:

  • Why do I need a new Policy Admin System?

  • Are there more cost effective areas for my investment?

  • Does modernization play a role?

  • What does the vendor market look like? Can I custom build this? Would I even want to?

The options for PAS integration have been greatly impacted by the Cloud, and by modular approaches to application development. Edgewater Insurance Consulting partners with FAST, to drive enterprise software development and deployment to a new level of "mobile-like" modularization. By moving from monolithic systems development and deployment to loosely coupled process-driven modules, insurance companies are better positioned to manage risk as they look to replace and refresh legacy policy administration systems either piecemeal or as a whole.