​​​Insurance Process Optimization

​Successful growth and improvement requires that all four components of a solution be truly understood and integrated into successful solutions. According to the 2009 CHAOS Study, although IT software development projects success rates have improved since 2000, 68% are categorized as either “challenged” or “failed.”

It is all too common for clients to simply admit that they must try – and fail – once or twice at implementing change because that is just how it is done. But there is a better way, and it begins with getting the information necessary to reach goals on the first try.

Implementing any new solution without the vision of a real ”To-Be” world is fraught with wasted dollars and a lack of ROI – derive and map your process then configure the solution.

Any successful change starts with a business process review that gathers and integrates critical information about how your business operates and identifies where change is needed or improvement is warranted. Such a review must integrate four potentially disparate threads of information:

  • Top-down – The strategic goals, constraints, known systemic issues, competitive insight, and business growth strategies

  • Bottom-up – The details regarding how a business operates now or how it must operate in the future in order to achieve strategic goals, areas of inefficiency, and opportunities to improve effectiveness

  • Best practices – How a business should operate based upon processes that are recognized in its own or similar industries as being effective and efficient

  • External factors – Things one cannot control, such as market drivers, regulation, and compliance