​EDGE Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM​

Edgewater Consulting and its sister company Edgewater Fullscope have developed EDGE Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This offers on-premise or cloud-based software designed to help manufacturing companies with complex sales cycles improve communication gaps between sales, services and engineering; gain better visibility to data and improve the overall customer experience.

  • EDGE Partner Relationship Management (PRM), improves communications between direct and indirect sales channels, distributors, resellers and dealers.

  • EDGE Sales Force Automation (SFA), provides a method for effective project collaboration between sales, service, engineering and training departments.

  • EDGE Customer Service Assistance (CSA) dashboards present critical, consolidated data from existing business systems and offer a simple way to track information without logging into multiple systems.

  • EDGE Trade Promotion Management (TPM), designed for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, helps plan, budget, execute, monitor and analyze sales programs with retailers.

To learn more about Edgewater Edgewater Fullscope and its manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expertise, visit fullscope.com.