​​​Southcoast Health System Uses Or​a​cle Big Data Technologies to Advance Value-Based Care and Population Health Analytics​​

Learn how Southcoast Health System is applying innovative, yet practical Big Data technologies to advance their value-based care and population health programs. Joshua McHale, Analytics Team Leader in the Informatics Program at Southcoast Health – alo​ng with senior strategists from Edgewater and Oracle – will show how Southcoast has leveraged these unique and emerging technologies to gain rapid insights from massive and wildly disparate data sources. A range of important topics will be covered, including:

  • Real-world challenges to deploying big data in healthcare
  • Use cases and practical data integration
  • Empowering the end-user experience
  • Recent technology advances
  • Technical overview/demonstration of big data in healthcare
  • Southcoast’s experience to date and what's next​

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